Upon receipt of the products, the Customer shall, no later than within 3 (three) working days, present objections regarding the performed works, if any. The warranty claim can be sent to the e-mail address info@probaltic.lv. Each claim must be accompanied with images of the defected goods.


  1. Printing and engraving colours


1.1 Printing is completed according to the client’s submitted Pantone or CMYK colour code.

1.2 If the Pantone chart is used, the Customer shall define and confirm the number of the selected colour. The Pantone chart colour will be reproduced with a 100% precision only if white chalk paper is used as the base. Differences in paper tone, shading relevant to the impact of the printing surface base colour shall not constitute grounds for raising objections. If CMYK colour chart is used, the Customer shall approve a manufacturer’s submitted production sketch, which will serve as the final project approval

1.3 The Customer agrees that a deviation of printing colours of up to 10 % from the colours seen in the mock-up is permissible; this is due to the chemical composition of the printable material, its fibre structure and paint-absorbent features, as well as technological colour loss aspects that are typical for the selected printing technology (digital information transfer to a physical visual information template). A comparison of the printed material with RGB or CMYK colour charts may not serve as proof of colour deviation. The presence of colour deviation can be proven by comparing with a print on an identical material or object using identical printing techniques.

1.4 It is not possible to define an accurate colour tone from the computer screen. Each screen has different display settings including resolution, refresh intensity and colours.

1.5 The client can define a specific CMYK colour tone only by requesting a print proof at an additional cost.

1.6 If printing on dark background, it is possible that the surface colour will be visible through the surface. The client can, at an additional cost, order white colour underlay under the printed image.

1.7 Correspondence of printing colours with a specific Pantone tone can change depending on the printing technique and surface. Pantone match when printing on ceramic and porcelain can be technically ensured from 85 % to max. 100 %, and any complaints about colour mismatch will only be accepted below the 84 % of the colour tone.

1.8 Engraving colour on metal, wood or other material depends on the internal layer colour of the material. The colour of engraving in metal can be grey, yellow, brown, rusty or other depending on the metal composition. At an additional cost, it is possible to request filling of engraving (performed manually) with special silver or gold paint.

1.9 The Supplier shall not assume responsibility for correctness of punctuation, orthography and grammar, as well as formatting of the text. The Customer shall check the texts and other details in the mock-up and approves them, thereby assuming responsibility for it.


  1. Quality control conditions for promotional goods


2.1 For orders of up to 250 pcs. of goods, each unit is checked during quality control. For larger orders, goods are checked randomly.

2.2 The following are deemed substandard:

– Incomplete print / engraving – lack of individual logo elements

– Printing defects / distortions covering more than 2 % of the printing surface

– Substantial breakages and dents, missing parts of goods

– Defects of the surface of goods covering an area of more than 1×1 mm visible from a distance of several metres and substantially damaging the overall appearance of the goods

– Faulty mechanism, non-functioning of goods

– Non-conformity of Pantone / CMYK printing colour which is not permissible for the specific printing technique

2.3 The following are not deemed substandard:

– Minor defects, scratches or bumps on the surface

– One or two dots on the surface of the item or printing/engraving surface

– Defects, the possibility of which the Customer was informed before placing the order

– Defects related to technical limitations of printing / engraving

– Unevenly painted wood surface

– Unevenly painted ceramic or porcelain surface

– Goods not meeting the Customer’s personal taste and expectations


  1. Warranty Terms and Conditions


3.1 The warranty excludes any product damages that arise from incorrect assembly, use, cleaning and/or storage of goods, natural calamities, insufficient or excessive power supply, abnormal mechanical and environmental conditions, as well as unauthorised dismantling, repairs or modifications.

3.2 Care of garments with print: can be machine-washed in gentle cycle, clothes to be inserted in a special bag; wash and dry inside out; wash with similar colours; avoid excessing soiling of clothing; do not soak; do not iron over areas with print or application.

3.3 The manufacturer of goods provides goods and printing warranty. All warranty claims shall be agreed directly with the manufacturer.

3.4 If printing is carried out at SIA PRO-BALTIC printing workshop, the warranty for printing is provided by SIA PRO-BALTIC.